Tuesday, May 25, 2010

KITES - DISGUSTING movie of recent times

Most disgusting movie I have seen in recent times .so much of hype for the movie,,, the heroin ,,,the chemistry ,,, the stunts ,,, the dance. OMG now days film makers are seriously mad. Whenever a movie gets unimaginable hype, the movie ends up being a flop or a disappointing one, most of the times. I always wonder one thing, Weather the producers give hype after making a bad movie or they spend so much of money on a hopeless plot and fool the audience. Seriously I never expected such a movie from the maker of quality movies like gangster and life in a metro… ANURAG BASU....as usual me and two of my cousins went to a local theatre in gandhinagar [inox was too costly and pvr was too far :P] an hour before. After all the circus we got tickets in black. The movie began with all the excitement .as it went on I slowly got pissed off with the scenes and dialogues and the Mexican beauty MORI :P. the dialogues were so old and the scenes were so dramatic And she looked like an aunty on screen . [Or is it the mistake of make up man!!!.... God only knows…]. Only best part of the movie was the FIRE song. Literally both hrithic and kangana rocked the floor. I relaxed a bit in the end as the movie duration was just 2 hours. The makers of the movie were successful in showing a bollywood movie in the likes of Hollywood, but they failed to satisfy the audience.


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  3. chennagi baredidya kano...